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YouTuber and Wrestler Logan Paul and Model Nina Agdal Announce Gender of Their First Baby

So, earlier this month, Logan Paul, yeah, that influencer, dropped a bit of a bombshell. He and his partner, Nina Agdal (she’s a model, by the way), are expecting a baby. Fast forward to this weekend, and bam! They throw this gender reveal party.

They went all out for this party, sharing a bunch of pics on Instagram. Pink was definitely the theme of the day, with both Logan and Nina dressed in it. But, you know, not everyone got the memo, as there were a few rebels rocking shades of blue. Logan’s post was straight to the point: “IT’S A GIRL 🎀”. Their little girl’s due this fall. Can you believe it?

Oh, and if you’re curious, here’s the Instagram post:

[Insert Logan Paul’s Instagram post here]

Before the big reveal, Logan and Nina decided to play detective with some old wives’ tales. You know, those tales that supposedly predict your baby’s sex based on random stuff like cravings or morning sickness. They even considered their own gut feelings, both betting on a girl. Nina was like, “I’m not usually good at this guessing game, but I’d bet a million bucks it’s a girl.” Turns out, their instincts were spot on.

Logan and Nina only started dating last year and made it official by the year’s end. Then, in July 2023, Logan popped the question in a way that’s just so them – on camera for the whole world to see. He was all romantic, telling Nina she’s the love of his life and the girl of his dreams. Seriously, it’s like something out of a movie.

Here’s Nina’s Instagram post about it:

[Insert Nina Agdal’s Instagram post here]

Big congrats to Logan and Nina on their upcoming bundle of joy!

Oh, and just a quick side note about the author of this piece, Kate Fann. She’s living her best life in East Tennessee with her husband Casey and their two sons, Quinn and Noah. When she’s not busy writing or endlessly scrolling through Instagram, she’s out there tasting wines, messing with makeup, baking, or hiking in the Smoky Mountains. Sounds like a pretty sweet life, huh?

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