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Nico Tortorella and Partner Bethany C. Meyers Expecting Second Baby a Year After First Child

Nico Tortorella’s about to be a dad again! Him and Bethany C. Meyers, they’re on baby number two. Just a tick over a year since their first bundle of joy.

They upped sticks from New York to Florida not long back. And bam, baby-making magic the day they land. Nico’s like, “Day one in the new pad, and we’re pregnant. Wild, right?” They’ve had a rough trot before, with two years of trying and a loss before Kilmer Dove arrived in 2023.

Bethany’s Insta post? Pure feels. She talks about the struggle for Kilmer and how baby number two just… happened. Says it’s all about timing, a mix of their efforts and something a bit magical. She’s noticing the little personality quirks already. Different from Kilmer.

But she gets it. Pregnancy news can be tough for some. She’s been there. So, she’s sending out a big virtual hug to those still on their journey. No empty platitudes, just a “I see you.”

Meanwhile, Nico’s not just about baby news. He’s dropping a children’s book, “Olivette Is You,” and an album, “Born,” with a special music video. Talk about a busy week!

So, hats off to Nico and Bethany. Here’s to the next chapter!

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