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Reality Stars Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner Announce Gender of Second Twin, Described as “The Biggest Blessing From God”

Last month, Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner from “Married At First Sight” dropped some big news. They were expecting twins. Just a few weeks ago, they let us in on a little secret about one of the twins’ sex. The other? Still a mystery, thanks to those tricky ultrasounds.

Fast forward to now. Jamie and Doug have finally spilled the beans on their second twin. How’d they do it? With a splash, on their YouTube channel “Hanging with the Hehners.” They threw a gender reveal party on a beach. Picture this: one baby’s a boy. But what about the second?

They didn’t stop there. This time, they went with a bumblebee theme. Cute, right? Henley Grace and Hendrix Douglas, their kids, got in on the action, dressed as the cutest bumblebees you’ve ever seen. Then, boom! Blue smoke everywhere. Yep, both twins are boys!

Jamie couldn’t contain her excitement. She told PEOPLE, “We’ve been on cloud nine, celebrating every little thing about this pregnancy.” They’ve been documenting the journey on YouTube. Why? So they can relive these moments of pure joy. Jamie sees this pregnancy as a blessing from above. And guess what? They’re all buzzing to meet the twins this fall.

But here’s the kicker. Names. What in the world are they going to name them? Jamie’s been brainstorming, sharing her dilemma on Instagram. It’s their 3rd and 4th kids, so you can imagine the challenge.

On Instagram, Jamie got real about this being their final pregnancy. She’s soaking up every moment, knowing things are about to get a whole lot busier. But it’s all about celebrating the milestones with these “twinnies.”

So, hats off to Jamie and Doug! Here’s to their growing family and the adventures that await with their twin boys.

And there you have it, folks. A little glimpse into the lives of Jamie and Doug Hehner, courtesy of Kate Fann. When Kate’s not diving into stories like these, she’s out exploring East Tennessee with her family, indulging in wine, makeup, baking, or hiking. Life’s all about the little moments, right?

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