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Christian Slater and Wife Brittany Lopez Expecting Their Second Child Together, His Fourth

Oh boy, guess what? Christian Slater, yeah, the guy from “The Spiderwick Chronicles,” is about to be a dad again! Him and his wife, Brittany Lopez, are expecting their second munchkin together. This new addition will make it a party of four for Slater’s kids.

So, they were at the premiere of Slater’s latest movie, “Unfrosted,” out in LA, right? And Brittany, she’s there rocking this floral gown that’s just gracefully draping over her baby bump on the red carpet. They’re keeping mum about the baby details, though. No word on when the little one’s due or if it’s a boy or girl.

Oh, and did you catch this on Instagram?

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Back in 2019, Christian and Brittany welcomed their first kiddo together, a sweet little girl. But they’ve kept her name under wraps. Slater shared with PEOPLE how nuts it is, dealing with baby bottles and their million pieces. But the real kicker? His daughter’s starting to recognize and smile at them. That’s gotta melt your heart, right?

Christian’s also got two grown-up kids with his ex, Ryan Haddon. There’s Jaden Christopher, who’s 25, and Eliana Sophia, 22. Time flies, huh?

Christian and Brittany’s love story kicked off back in 2010. Fast forward three years, and bam, they’re tying the knot secretly in Miami. Slater’s been pretty quiet on Instagram since 2019, but he did throw up a post for their fourth anniversary. “Cherished every moment,” he says.

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Big congrats to Christian and Brittany on baby number two!

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