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NASCAR Driver Bubba Wallace and Wife Amanda Carter Expecting Their First Child, Announce News with Adorable Poem

Guess what? Bubba Wallace is about to hit the track of fatherhood! That’s right, the NASCAR sensation and his better half, Amanda Carter, are on the fast lane to welcoming their first mini pit crew member. They decided to go full throttle and announce it with a poem that’s as cute as a button, hinting at when the baby’s expected to make a grand entrance.

So, they took to Instagram, right? And there, they dropped this collage that’s just brimming with vibes. Most snaps show them chilling in this retro ride, looking all lovey-dovey. But wait for it—the cherry on top is the last pic featuring their fur baby, Asher, who’s probably wondering, “Am I getting a human sibling?”

The poem they shared? Oh, it’s something like, “Spring’s here, y’all. Summer’s gonna be a blast. Come fall, we’re stepping into the mom and dad zone!” And boom, they let slip that October’s the month when their lives change forever. Bubba, with a sprinkle of humor, shared that the little one’s ETA is around his own birthday week in October. Talk about a birthday present, huh?

Now, a little trip down memory lane—Bubba and Amanda weren’t high school sweethearts, but fate had its way, and here they are. Bubba once told PEOPLE their bond is something else, filled with nostalgia and deep roots. They made it official, sealing the deal with “I do’s” and handwritten vows in Charlotte, North Carolina, as 2022 waved goodbye.

On their first anniversary, Amanda was all over Instagram, gushing about their “epic night” and dreaming of countless more years with her soulmate. It’s the kind of love story that makes you go “aww.”

Big congrats to Bubba and Amanda as they gear up for this new adventure. Parenthood’s no easy race, but something tells me they’re ready for the ride.

And hey, shoutout to Kate Fann for sharing this heartwarming news. When she’s not keeping us in the loop, she’s out there enjoying the finer things in life, from exquisite wines to the great outdoors of East Tennessee. Cheers to that!

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