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Michael Phelps’ Wife Nicole Confirms Expectation of Fourth Baby in Instagram Anniversary Post

Michael Phelps and His Wife Nicole Phelps Announcement

Renowned Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps and his wife Nicole are expecting to welcome a new member into their family shortly! Nicole publicly shared the delightful news to celebrate the couple’s seventh year of togetherness. She stated on Instagram: “For those curious minds… truly, we’re projecting the arrival of our fourth Phelps offspring in 2024.”

Despite speculation arising from public appearances and picture posts on their Instagram pages hinting at Nicole’s pregnancy, neither Nicole nor Michael had officially disclosed the news until now. When she felt it was the appropriate moment, she gave an official affirmation of their expectancy. The forthcoming baby’s due date and the stage of her pregnancy have not been revealed yet.

The Phelps Family’s History and Future Grows

Together, the Phelps pair have been raising three delightful sons. Shortly before their marriage inauguration in a smaller-scale ceremony in Tempe, Arizona, their first son, Boomer, became a part of their family in May 2016. Later that year in October, they celebrated their marriage on a larger scale in Mexico, which they celebrate as their anniversary date. In February 2018, they welcomed their second son, Beckett, and in September 2019 their third son, Maverick, was born.

Although they have been living in marital bliss for seven years, their relationship spans over 16 years, having first met in 2007. During a previous interview with TODAY, the Olympic winner proclaimed his enduring affection for his wife and appreciated her continuous support throughout their journey together. He stated: “For 15 years, Nicole has witnessed my ups and downs. I don’t think anyone else could sustain my support as she has. She forms the foundation that keeps our family intact.”

Celebrations are in order as we congratulate Michael and Nicole Phelps on the joyful news of expecting their fourth child!

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