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Maluma, the Rapper, Reveals Expecting First Child with Susana Gomez, Shares Baby’s Gender and Name

The New Ventures of Rapper Maluma: Making Music and Fatherhood

Launching his latest track “Procura” wasn’t the only thing Colombian rapper Juan Luis Londoño Arias, famously known as Maluma, had in store for his fans at the recent Washington D.C. concert. A significant point in his life, fatherhood, was also beautifully revealed through the music video of his new song.

In the video, Maluma and his partner, Susana Gomez, are seen relishing their time together while setting off on trips. After a few cozy scenes, the video takes a sentimental turn showcasing the couple in a doctor’s appointment. Overcome with emotions, the “Felices los 4” singer beholds the first glimpse of his child through the ultrasound. Further, it portrays the duo sharing their joy of embarking on the path of parenthood with family while capturing snapshots of Susana’s ever-growing baby bump. The video reaches a climax with a gender reveal party with pink smoke indicating the couple is expecting a baby girl.

Decoding The Name

Amidst all the excitement, a hint about the baby’s name was seemingly dropped during the party. An up-close shot of Susana showed her adorned with a diamond necklace spelling ‘Paris’. In a latter conversation with NPR, the “Chantaje” singer confirmed their daughter’s name, describing how much it means to his life. “Paris, our beautiful daughter, she’s growing inside her mom’s belly and she gives me many reasons to keep dreaming. She’s everything to me right now.”

Expressing his journey towards fatherhood, the singer talks about trying to experience life outside of just being a musician and a performer. He illustrates his anticipation and the advice he’s getting from his father, “Wait ‘til you hold her in your arms. Wait for that feeling and then wait for them to start walking. It’s a beautiful journey, and I’m here to learn. I believe children enter this world to teach us many things, so I’m ready to learn. It’s an unparalleled feeling, a joy that only parents can comprehend. But I just adore this sentiment, and it has truly enlightened my days.”

The artist shared his heartfelt journey in a recent Instagram post, where fans showered the parents-to-be with warm wishes.

Many heartfelt congratulations to Maluma and Susana as they prepare to welcome their first child.

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