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Jana Kramer Welcomes Third Child, Her First with Fiancé Allan Russell, Expresses Feeling “Blessed Beyond Measure”

Birth Announcement of Jana Kramer and Allan Russell’s Baby Boy

Jana Kramer, known for her role in ‘One Tree Hill’, has recently become a mother for the third time. This is the first child she shares with her fiancé, Allan Russell, a former professional soccer player. They have expressed their joy and gratitude for being gifted with the opportunity to cultivate such an extraordinary bond. The couple was pleased to announce their newborn son’s arrival on the 13th of November. They had previously made their pregnancy public earlier in June. Roman James Russell is the name they chose for their firstborn child together. During one of her podcasts, The Whine Down with Jana Kramer’, Kramer had expressed her preference for names beginning with either ‘J’ or ‘A’. However, they settled on a name with strong alliteration for the first and last names. The singer of ‘Let It Burn’ noted that while the name Roman has no specific significance, they chose James in honour of their respective grandfathers.

Jana Kramer and Allan Russell’s Families and Expectation

Both Jana and Allan have children from their past relationships. Jana has a daughter, Jolie, aged 7, and a son, Jace, aged 4, who she shares with Michael Caussin, a former NFL player. Allan is the father of a 16-year-old from a previous relationship. Earlier this month, Jana posted monochrome photographs of her family, expressing her anticipation for the upcoming hospitality. She was particularly incredulous about the rapid passing of time, as it felt as if they had just discovered the pregnancy in March and now the big day was upon them. Although the original due date was the 2nd of December, the couple disclosed that they decided on a C-section earlier due to a growing fibroid. We extend our congratulations to Jana and Allan on the arrival of their baby boy, Roman, and wish them endless love and joy in welcoming this new addition to their family.

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