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Bekah Martinez, Alum of ‘Bachelor’, Discloses Name of Third Baby with Partner Grayston Leonard

Bekah Martinez Announces New Baby’s Name

Bekah Martinez, The Bachelor alum, and her partner, Grayston Leonard, welcomed their third child in April of this year. The announcement was made through a comprehensive claymation video. A week after she announced the birth, Martinez has now disclosed the name of their newborn baby. The couple welcomed their baby boy on September 28th, a special day as it also happens to be his father’s birthday. The process of naming wasn’t immediate. After considerable thought, they decided on Ernest Allison Leonard, with ‘Nesto’ as his nickname. Martinez explained that the name has familial significance as it is “after my mom and abuelo.” She made clear in a candid post how tough the decision was, mentioning, “Naming a baby is hard!” She also divulged that, “Ruth took 4 days to name, Franklin took 6, and this baby set a record at 8 days old.”

Bekah’s Family Life and Birth Story

Owner of The Good Alma, Martinez has been in a relationship with Leonard since July 2017. They have two more children together besides the newborn. Their daughter, Ruth Ray De La Luz, was born in February 2019 and their second son, Franklin James, arrived in June 2020. Although Martinez reserved the complete birth story of Nesto for her Patreon account, she did reveal a few moments from her home water birth through a series of pictures. She humorously added that, “That one time I pushed out our baby on the toilet, the midwife almost missed it, and we all sang happy birthday.”

The arrival of baby Ernest Allison Leonard has brought immense joy to Martinez and Leonard’s lives. As they welcome their new bundle of joy into their family, we wish them a lot of love and happiness.

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