Baby NamesNewsBehati Prinsloo, Supermodel, Shares Information about Third Baby with Singer Adam Levine

Behati Prinsloo, Supermodel, Shares Information about Third Baby with Singer Adam Levine

New Details About Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo’s Third Child

Nearly twelve months after Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine welcomed their third child, the Victoria’s Secret Model has shared some exciting details about their latest addition. On The Mother Daze podcast, Prinsloo opened up about her newest bundle of joy, who was born last January. Initially, no specifics were disclosed about Levine and Prinsloo’s third child. Prinsloo stated that they were blessed with a boy in January who arrived “10 days past” his expected delivery date. However, the couple’s first son’s name remains under wraps. The pair have two daughters namely Dusty Rose, who is 7, and Gio Grace, who is 5.

Prinsloo’s Delivery Experience

Prinsloo went on to describe the experience delivering her son. Her doctor had informed her about the decision of whether she wants to go for anesthesia or not. In spite of tremendous pain, she decided to forgo it and ride the wave of pain and bliss. She also declined the offer to get in the water, as she had no interest in getting wet. She went on to describe it as an emotional rollercoaster with intense pain interspersed with feelings of euphoria.

She further discussed a memorable image captured by her doula, a photo taken twelve minutes before her son was born wherein she was seen laughing. Looking back, it struck her curious since, at that moment, she was entirely focused on the delivery process.

Adam Levine’s Involvement in the Process

Prinsloo didn’t skip Levine’s part in the delivery process in her conversation. His participation was his highlight, being available, present, and ready to help wherever needed. It was a wonderful and enriching experience for all, with Adam assisting by cutting the umbilical cord, just as he had done for their other children. However, the procedure was a bit challenging, due to Adam being left-handed, so it ended up being a bit messy. Finally, the couple is enjoying the wonderful new phase of being a family of five.

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